Cheyne's Mission

A Christ-centred church family building Christ-centred families.

God's Vision For Cheyne

A church family building Christ-centred families.

Leading people to grow as devoted followers of Christ who live out God’s 5 W-I-F-E-S purposes.

  1. Worship
  2. Instruction
  3. Fellowship
  4. Evangelism
  5. Service


Wholeheartedly Loving The God Who Loves Us

  • Glorify God’s great worth by focusing on God and pleasing God.
  • Empower everyone to worship with our whole being in all of life (our minds learning, our emotions loving, our wills obeying).
  • Help everyone worship joyfully and sincerely, with reverence and awe for God.
  • Enable everyone to actively participate and experience God’s presence.
  • Renew believers and reach those searching for faith.


 Loving God By Obeying God

Enable everyone to progress in discipleship through the five bases of:


After receiving Jesus as Saviour and Lord, we grow in

friendship with Christ to know and love Him more through

regular Bible study and prayer.



We build Christlike character by working with the Holy

Spirit to obey Christ’s Word and resist sin in all of life.



We love people and tell them the good news about Christ.



We use our gifts in service to help people find Christ

and grow as Christ’s disciples



Through loving fellowship, we help others move around the bases of discipleship


Employ small groups to promote spiritual growth



Loving God By Loving God's Family

  • Help everyone to grow in their care giving abilities.
  • Care for, respect, comfort, pray for, encourage, help, build up, and reconcile with one another.
  • Help everyone enjoy the caring fellowship of God’s family.
  • Promote peace and unity with one another.
  • Provide high quality pastoral care for everyone.
  • Employ small groups with Bible study, prayer and caring, to help everyone enjoy friendships and God’s love.


Loving God By Introducing Others To Christ

  • Be a genuine friend to people who don’t attend church.
  • Pray for, love, and serve our friends and neighbours.
  • Bring friends and neighbours to services and support groups that will meet their needs.
  • Tell our friends how Christ improved our life and how they can have a friendship with Christ.
  • Help everyone to know Christ and become active disciples of Christ.


Loving God By Serving God And People

  • Pray for God to transform people in our community.
  • Compassionately sacrifice to serve people.
  • Use our spiritual gifts in ministry to meet needs and make disciples.
  • Generously give our finances to God’s work.
  • Start ministries that meet community needs for Christ.

Stages Of Growth Towards Being A Christ-centred Disciple

Exploring Christ - accept Christ as Saviour

  • I believe in God
  • I'm not sure about Christ
  • Faith is not a big part of my life
  • Self is on the throne of my life
  • Christ is outside my life

Growing in Chris - accept Christ as Saviour

  • I trust Jesus for eternal life
  • I've invited Christ into my life
  • I'm working on what it means to know Jesus
  • Self is still on the throne of my life

Close to Christ - willing to risk everything for Christ

  • I feel really close to Christ
  • I regularly read the Bible
  • I try to obey God often
  • Self is still on the throne of my life

Christ-Centred - willing to risk everything for Christ

  • My friendship w = willing to risk everything for Christith Christ is the key part of my life
  • I try to surrender to Christ in all areas of my life
  • I try to let Christ be on the throne of my life

For a graphic of STAGES OF GROWTH please click here.