Daily Devotions

READ. Pray before you read, asking God to speak to you. Read slowly through the passage.


REFLECT. What is God saying to you? Is God asking you to:

 Trust His promise?

 Receive His encouragement?

 Obey His command?

 Stop a bad habit?

 Serve another person?

In a few sentences write what you think God is saying to you.



Write a short prayer to God thanking Him for ministering to you through this passage and expressing what you will do in response.


Daily Devotions January 7, 2019 to February 10, 2019

Best Friends Forever

A hard copy version ( in PDF )is available for download and printing.  This is also useful for doing your devotions on a tablet, reader, desktop while not online. It is recommended to print this document double sided if possible. Click below for the link.

BEST FRIENDS FOREVER - printable pdf

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