Daily Devotions

READ. Pray before you read, asking God to speak to you. Read slowly through the passage.


REFLECT. What is God saying to you? Is God asking you to:

 Trust His promise?

 Receive His encouragement?

 Obey His command?

 Stop a bad habit?

 Serve another person?

In a few sentences write what you think God is saying to you.



Write a short prayer to God thanking Him for ministering to you through this passage and expressing what you will do in response.


Daily Devotions Sept.3 to Nov. 4 - What Happy Families Know

This devotion is available in different formats for you to use. A web version ( in PDF ) is available for use that has links for the devotion and accompanying scripture. Click below to open that document.

What Happy Families Know - Web Version

A hard copy version ( in PDF )is available for download and printing.  This is also useful for doing your devotions on a tablet, reader, desktop while not online. It is recommended to print this document double sided if possible. Click below for the link.

What Happy Families Know - Printable Version