Spiritual Growth - Assessment and Daily Devotions

Spiritual Health Assessment

We pray that the Lord will use our Spiritual Health Assessment to help you to see where you are in your relationship with God and to celebrate what the Lord has been doing in your spiritual growth. We also pray that the Lord will use this assessment to help you to see the areas that the Lord would like you to focus on and with His help move to a more Christ-centred life. This is a confidential assessment and no one will see your results except you and God. We encourage you to do the Spiritual Health Assessment each year to monitor your progress with the Lord, thanking Him for growth and looking at the areas that He wants you to focus on.


The Spiritual Health Assessment looks at our spiritual health relative to the 5 dimensions of a fully devoted follower of Christ. These 5 dimensions are summarized by W-I-F-E-S:


W WORSHIP                                                      Wholeheartedly loving the God who loves us

I     INSTRUCTION FOR DISCIPLESHIP        Loving God by obeying God

F    FELLOWSHIP                                               Loving God by loving His family

E    EVANGELISM                                             Loving God by introducing people to Christ

S    SERVICE                                                       Loving God by serving God and people



For Android phones or tablets, go to GOOGLE PLAY STORE and install an Excel app. There is one from Microsoft or install Polaris Office Suite

For iPads and iPhones go to the APP STORE and install an Excel reader.

Click here for the Spiritual Assessment form:

Spiritual Health Assessment

Daily Devotions

READ. Pray before you read, asking God to speak to you. Read slowly through the passage.


REFLECT. What is God saying to you? Is God asking you to:

 Trust His promise?

 Receive His encouragement?

 Obey His command?

 Stop a bad habit?

 Serve another person?

In a few sentences write what you think God is saying to you.



Write a short prayer to God thanking Him for ministering to you through this passage and expressing what you will do in response.


Daily Devotions

Sunday January 5th - Sunday March 1

"God's Story Gives Our Story Hope"

A hard copy version ( in PDF )is available for download and printing.  This is also useful for doing your devotions on a tablet, reader, desktop while not online. It is recommended to print this document double sided if possible. Click below for the link.

Printable PDF Version


One of the great joys in life is helping our friends find eternal life in a friendship with Jesus Christ. An excellent way to help our friends discover how Christ can enrich their life is through ALPHA starting on September 15. To help you invite your friends to ALPHA we are providing you with the BLESS guide, courtesy of Westwood Community Church.  The BLESS guide inspires us with biblical direction so that we can naturally BLESS our friends' with Christ's love and our living example of how Christ enriches our life. You can access the BLESS  guide in PDF form here.

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