Welcome to Cheyne Church! We are so glad that you have decided to look us up!

Cheyne is a safe multi-generational church in Stoney Creek. This is a safe, comfortable place where our mission is "building stronger families".

Have a God Question? Email us at questions@cheynechurch.com and we will do our best to answer them.

Where are we located?

For Dec-Jan, as a church family we are looking at KEEP THE CHRISTMAS SPIRIT ALL YEAR, 

There is a devotional study online for printout in PDF format.

Also past sermon messages are available and look for the past series  WHAT HAPPY FAMILIES KNOW or the start of the new series KEEP THE CHRISTMAS SPIRIT ALL YEAR.

Message Sunday Dec.16 9:30AM - "Jesus' Christmas Party"

A dramatic musical presented by Adventure Club and KidzWorship

Message Sunday Dec.23 - Keep The Christmas Spirit All Year -

"Keep The Christmas Spirit Of LOVE All Year"

Join us Christmas Eve Mon. Dec. 24 6:30PM - "Let It Shine"

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7 King Street West, Stoney Creek  ON  L8G 1G7  email: office@cheynechurch.com

phone: 905-664-6043

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