Sunday April 5 is Palm Sunday

Join us this Sunday online for the celebration of Jesus ride into Jerusalem. The church continues serving one another and the community while the building is closed.

  • cheyne palm sunday service - apr 05

    This Sunday we are giving a more complete service. Thanks to those for contributing. Steve continues with his sermon series God's Story Gives Our Story Hope. Steve's message is at -34:30


  • Next sunday Easter Service - join the celebration!

    Send us PICTURE or a 15-20 sec. video of you and your family enjoying the JOY of the LORD at home. A 15-20 sec dance video set to "Marvelous Light" by Charlie Hall would be awesome!  **Deadline Wed. April 8th. Send to** .

  • children & youth updates

    Apr 05 - KidzWorship with Robin & Squirmy

    Apr 05 - CORE with Marc. Why a donkey?

    Apr 03 - Easter resources posted.

    Mar 31 - A new AC Easter video posted March

  • worship in song *New*

    Josh, our Contemporary Service Worship Leader, has posted some song selections. Inspirational for these isolated times.

    Philip Lee, our Traditional Service Organist, has kindly permitted us to post selections from his CD.

    Find them here.

  • Daily Devotional "God's Story Gives Our Story Hope"

    Updated April 1 with revised questions regarding Covid-19 ia available here at

  • Prayer During the Covid-19 crisis April 03

    Rev. Steve Lindsay's letter of April 03. shares with that Covid-19 is a very serious global crisis affecting everyone’s life. How do we pray in a crisis? There is a great example in the Bible of praying in a crisis. 

    Click on the graphic at the left to download the letter or click here.

  • ways to give

    Your generosity helps us share God's love with our community. You can invest in our ongoing ministry that continues even with the building closed. To find out methods of giving click on; or click on the button at left.

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