Ways To Give

Your generosity helps us share God's love with our community. You can invest in our ongoing ministry that continues even with the building closed. For your convenience, you have several methods to use in order to donate.

Thank you for your financial support of the ministries of Cheyne Presbyterian Church,

If you need help or have any questions about any of these methods, please email treasurer@cheynechurch.com or phone Brad Switzer at 905-512-9292

  • e-Transfer

    E-transfer money from your bank account to Cheyne's account using email. Direct the transfer to the email address treasurer@cheynechurch.com .

  • pre-authorized remittance (par)

    Apply for Pre-Authorized Remittance by downloading the PAR Form here. Print the form, fill it out, and sign it. The completed form and a VOID cheque can be sent via Canada Post or dropped off through the mail slot in the King St. door by the parking lot.

    Alternatively the completed form and VOID cheque can be scanned, and emailed to treasurer@cheynechurch.com .

  • tithe.ly Donation Service

    Use the donation service by pressing the Tithe.ly button on the left. With this service you can direct your monies to the General Fund, Offerings, or Missions. You can give a onetime offering or an ongoing Tithe.

  • cheque

    Mail a cheque made out to Cheyne Presbyterian Church. There may be disruptions in Canada Post mail delivery. In the case of a postal disruption, please drop your envelope through the mail slot in the King Street door by the parking lot.

    Cheyne Presbyterian Church

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